I have always been drawn to the bible. As a child my parents drew lines from every important decision, lesson or principle back to that book. It was canon for our family; the measuring stick by which we judged a thing to be true or not. Yet we never learned to treat it as a magic book that held every answer we could ever need. My parents taught us, mostly implicitly, that congruency

Find links to our special  links to audio daily Lenten devotionals with Pastor Chris and other resources for Lent, including an explanation of fasting in the Lent 2021 page above on our website.HOLY WEEK UPDATES:Palm Sunday is March 28 with Worship via Zoom at 10 AM. live Palms are available for pickup Friday March 26-Sunday March 28 at the Etna Church sanctuary.  Please stop by and pick up some for your household and others who are unable to stop by.Maundy Thursday