Who are we?

About Us

We are a kind, caring, small rural Christian community located in the villages of Etna and Hanover Center, New Hampshire. Our “yoked” single congregation includes members from the American Baptist Church, the United Church of Christ, and a range of other Christian backgrounds.

Our regular 10 AM Sunday worship service follows Protestant traditions and includes small groups for elementary/middle/high school children and a post-service coffee/fellowship time.

Our congregation is truly a kind and caring community with great diversity across socioeconomic and church backgrounds. One of the strengths of our community comes in part from a broad spectrum of church backgrounds which includes both long-time members from the United Church of Christ and American Baptist traditions and a majority who have come from a variety of denominations and theologies (e.g., Catholic, Episcopal, Lutheran, Methodist, Pentecostal, Southern Baptist, Presbyterian, and Bible churches).

Our parish is located in the picturesque rural villages of Etna and Hanover Center, New Hampshire.

Our staff :

Pastor:  Rev. Chris Green

Church secretary: Carol Edwards

Communications:  Carol Edwards (bulletin), Marjorie Rose (website), Mark Hardy, weekly emails

Etna Facilities support:  Ken and Norma Pelton

Treasurer: Steve Schuchman

Choir Director: Christine Hoskin

Pianist accompaniment:  Kay Hillinger, Carol Edwards

Inter-Church Council

The Inter Church Council covers all joint church operations and issues.  Each church has its own officers.

Chairman:   Marjorie Rose

Inter-Church Council Hanover Center:

Garlan Hoskin

Harold Frost

Elaine Hawthorne

Dina Cutting

Ellie Fullington

Inter-Church Council Etna:

Susan Johnson

Becky LaHaye

Christian Passow

Laurie Wadsworth

Marjorie Rose

First Congregational Church

of Hanover in Hanover Center

Church Officers:

Moderator: Dina Cutting

Clerk:         Torey Elder

Co-treasurers:  Dina Cutting & Jane Rice


Harold Frost

Jeff Balch

Glenn Elder


Rob Rice

Marci O’Keefe

Shawn O’Keefe

Elaine Hawthorne

First Baptist Church   

of Hanover in Etna

(as of 3/21)

Church Officers:

President:         Eric Wadsworth

Vice President: Doug Irwin

Clerk:             Carol Edwards

Treasurer:        Steve Schuchman

Ass’t Treasurer:  Skip Stanger


John LaHaye

Mike Tischbein

Ken Pelton

Deacons: (pastoral concerns)

Susan Johnson

Todd Hess

John LaHaye

Cora Moses

Norma Pelton

Maxine Wallace

Ken Pelton

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Maybe you have a question, maybe you're looking for some pastoral advice, or maybe you want to find out more about our church. Don't hesitate to reach out directly to Pastor Chris.

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