We love heroes. We love the idea of our greatest ideals and aspirations being embodied in an individual. And despite having seen so many so-called heroes fall, despite the cynicism their fall has planted in our consciences, we’re still looking for the true hero to stand up, still drawn to the hope that such heroes exist somewhere. In the church, we’ve known a few heroes who’s lives have lived up to that standard. We allow for imperfections but we can’t tolerate

Pastor Chris Green's message, "Designed for Fruitfulness" from our Apr. 11, 2021 Sunday service.  This is the first of a five-part series, "Lessons from the Garden".  Note that this week's message includes homework!   Pastor Chris encourages us to ponder these two questions:  1) What does "fruitfulness" look like in my life (my relations with friends/family/job etc)?  and 2)  What does "fruitfulness" look like for our congregation?  Share your thoughts with him (e.g., via email) if you're comfortable doing so.