the Vine

Since 1965, the two historic churches of First Congregational in Hanover Center and First Baptist in Etna have partnered together in a relationship called a “yoke.” In the early part of the 1990s, after the two churches combined their separate worship services into a single service, a newsletter was started to share stories and important events be- tween the members of both churches. That newsletter was called“The Yoke”, and it served our church community well. In recent years, during pastoral transitions and pandemic ad- justments, The Yoke has been published on an “as needed” basis and not necessarily on a reg- ular schedule.

Today, our two churches find themselves by God’s grace at the beginning of a new season. Now, maybe more than ever, timely, informative and inspirational communication is needed. So in the spirit of this new season, we are relaunching The Yoke under a new name and a new design. Click on the image to open the first edition of that redesign – The Vine.


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