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For a decade, Pastor C. Christopher Green served as a missionary in the Netherlands for Assemblies of God World Missions, helping to bring the Gospel to a very secular culture. Chris was a leader in setting up and running youth centers and also served as an assistant pastor. In 2017, he and his wife of 12 years, Rebecca, moved to a small town in the rural Netherlands to plant a brand new church. In their last three years there, Chris, as lead pastor, grew the membership from just 10 people to 80 regular worshipers, including many families with children. With the church firmly established, Chris was ready to transfer the leadership to local, Dutch leadership. He describes his worship style as “eclectic,” blending traditional with contemporary elements. He writes, plays music and loves messing around in the garden!

Chris is currently pursuing a Master’s degree through Westminster Theological Seminary and hopes to continue his studies into a PhD program afterwards. He and Rebecca met at the Northpoint Bible College where they both earned degrees in Biblical Studies with minors in Pastoral Ministries. They have three sons: Charlie, Oliver and Henri.

“Faith is formed in adversity. It isn't polished and pristine. It always looks best with a little bit of dirt on it.“

Chris Green

Lead Pastor

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