Vision Weekend 2022

From September 23-25, 2022, our church community gathered for our second annual Vision Weekend. It’s a time we set aside every year to look at the past year and also to look at where we’re going together. This year’s theme was “A place to Belong, Believe, and Become.”

Below you’ll find the recordings from our Friday night session, our Saturday morning session, as well as the 3-part Sunday morning sermon series built around this theme.

You’ll also find a Summary document to download. This document summarizes the conversations from the Friday and Saturday sessions.

Our hope is that this page will resource our community of faith with all we need to continue the conversation we started during this Vision Weekend.

Download the Summary Document

A summary of the discussions that took place on Friday night and Saturday morning.

Session Recordings

Friday Night: A Vision for Our Singing

This is the recording from our Friday night session, “A Vision for Our Singing” where we talked about being a church that “shows her age when she worships” and also a church that “shows her vision for the present”. We answered the big question, “what does it mean to be a church that is multi-generational, even in our singing?” The session was very interactive (and lots of fun!) but not all the comments from the room were picked up in the recording. Those inaudible comments have been edited out of the recording but everything audible has been left in.

Saturday Morning: Main Sessions

On Saturday morning, we gathered for our main sessions where we workshopped some ideas around creating a place of “belonging, believing, and becoming” for both people inside and outside the church. Pastor Chris gave a short teaching from Saint Patrick’s mission among the Celtic peoples of Ireland, then we broke off into table discussions to answer the question we had been assigned. Afterwards, we shared our answers with the whole group and discussed them together. Most of the input from the room has been captured in the recording. Only the 30 minutes of work we did at the tables has been edited out.

Vision Series: Belong. Believe. Become.

A Place to Belong

A Place to Believe

A Place to Become