This year's Vision Weekend may be finished, but we're all just getting started!

Below you'll find recordings of the Saturday sessions and the sermon Pastor Chris gave on Vision Sunday, "In Our Generation". The goal is that the recordings and the downloadable documents can be used to continue the conversation and influence our action over the year ahead.

Click the links below to watch the sessions:
Session One: 10 Years Later
Session Two: 6 Values
Session Three: Grow Small

Vision Sunday Message:

A new hymn for our journey.

The vision we began expressing last year of "Belong, Believe, Become" has been creatively expressed in music that we can now all sing together. Click the play button below to listen and begin learning the song.

Verse 1
Make us a place
Where the lost one belongs
And the prodigals come running home
Where the friendless find friendship
And forgiveness is strong
A place that is given for all to belong

Verse 2
Make us a people
Who bring hope to the world
Hope of new life in the Son
As we carry this gospel
In word and in deed
A hope that is given for all to believe

Verse 3
Give us the heart
To take others in hand
And lead them in life-giving ways
Sharing our lives
Reaching for dreams
A path to become who God made us to be

Verse 4
Lead us, oh Spirit
In the power of  God
Guide us each step that we take
A place to belong
A hope to believe
A path to become who God made us to be

By your grace we’ll become who you made us to be

Belong, Believe, Become
Words and music by C. Christopher Green
© 2023