Week of May 5, 2024

Bible Study Opportunities:   We offer a weekday Bible discussion, expanding on the Scripture covered in the previous Sunday's sermon, on Wednesday mornings at 10 am in Trumbull Hall.
Our Sunday morning Bible study resumes this Sunday May 5 at 9 am in Trumbull Hall.  Join us as we begin a study of the book of Ruth. 
In either case, please join us for coffee, baked goods, and lively discussions of Scripture. All are welcome, no previous experience required!
Missions:  The Missions Committee reports that Morgan Tam of Showers of Grace has begun a six-week trip to China to visit churches they support to determine how best to continue that support in the face of increasing official surveillance from the Chinese government.  On behalf of all in Showers of Grace, Morgan thanks us for our support and solicits our prayers for their ministry.
Communion Sunday:  We will be celebrating Communion in our 10 am Sunday worship service this week. If you livestream with us, you should have a cracker or a piece of bread and a small cup (sip) of juice or other drink available to join us in this celebration.
Directory Update:   Whether you're a long time member, regular attender, or if you've joined us only recently, we'd love to include you in our church directory!  We're updating the directory now, so if you'd like to add or update your contact information and/or a photo (individual or family), now's a great time to do it! Talk to Susan Hardy, Susan Johnson, or Elaine Hawthorne to add or update your info and thanks for your consideration.

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