Week of October 22, 2023

Vision Weekend 2023 is this weekend!
Vision Weekend:  Don't you want to be a part of planning for our church's future path?  What's important to you?  We want your input and ideas -- come gather in Trumbull Hall!
Click here for the full schedule and everything else you'll want to reference on Saturday morning.

Saturday morning, Oct. 21
9-1:00 ish - We'll get some coffee, juice, and small "breakfast bites" to take to the tables. Chris will lead 3 "Visioning" sessions where everyone will be encouraged to share with their table group.

1:00 Stay for lunch and informal fellowship!  A big variety of sandwiches etc. coming from Cutting's

Sunday, Oct. 22
10:00 service, with a Vision focus

Potluck lunch after the Sunday morning service.

This is a true "potluck" - no signing up; just bring your favorite, or come with your appetite!  There's always plenty.
Chicken Pie Supper --  October 28, 2023
October 20 update from Elaine:  It’s Chicken Pick’n time!  This is where we pick the chicken off the bones for the Chicken Pie Supper.   This happens on Thursday October 26 at 10:15 am in the Hanover Center Congregational vestry.   All are welcome to help!
Takeout meals (chicken & gravy with a biscuit), squash, onions, mashed potatoes, coleslaw, cranberry sauce, and apple pie.  Meals are $15 each. Please make your pick-up meal reservations through Elaine Hawthorne. Meal pick-up will be from 4:30 to 6 pm at the Hanover Center Congregational Church.
Click here for directions.
Missions Committee Update:  The Etna Missions committee received an email update from Carrie Pollock of Cru Military on "Captain R" and family, including photographs. His wife's description of life at this juncture of the war is vivid. Carrie points out that the family is most appreciative of the love and support provided by our congregation.The Committee would like the ladies who provided the letters/cards/notes and pocket prayer quilts in our package to know that Cru Military expects that couriers will be available in mid-November to hand deliver the entire package to Capt. R's wife.    
Fall Fest Success! This year’s Fall Fest was a great success with over 100 in attendance once again. Thank you to all who helped make that wonderful outreach possible!  

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