Week of November 12, 2023

Thanksgiving Eve Service:  Our annual Thanksgiving Eve Service is happening on Wednesday, November 22nd, at 7 pm at the Hanover Center Church.This is always a lovely evening where we gather to give thanks for all the ways in which we have been blessed. It's a special time for our community and we can't wait to see you there!
Church Youth Sponsoring Spaghetti Supper:  Out church youth will be putting on a spaghetti dinner for the public, and of course all church members and attenders.  The dinner will be on Saturday November 18, from 5 to 7 pm.  Keep an eye out here for further details, or contact Laura LaHaye if you have questions.
Thanksgiving Cheer:  Norma Pelton reports that we will soon be doing our “Thanksgiving Cheer Baskets”.  This is a “Christians in Action” project which has been undertaken by our church family for many, many, years.  If you would like to help please talk with Maxine or Norma. If you would like to help financially, please indicate “Cheer Baskets” on your donation.  Thank you all!
Missions Committee -- Showers of Grace presentation on Sunday after church: After the service on this coming Sunday November 12, the Missions Committee will host a presentation by Morgan Tam of Showers of Grace.  Morgan will join us virtually in Trumbull Hall to tell us about a mission visit to Yunnan Province this past June.  It was a remarkable journey that illustrates perfectly Showers of Grace's ministry to remote areas of China and how faith survives in the midst of repression.  You will be moved and inspired.

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